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Snorkeling in Gili Trawangan

(or Colin's "near death" experience)

rain 29 °C

Snorkeling in Gili Trawangan was a pretty amazing experience and better in a lot of ways than most of the coral scuba diving we've done in SE Asia. There is a very strong current, so we walked to the most northern point of the eastern shore, entered the water and swam out about 30 meters, and let the current carry us back to the main beach. We opted to rent the fins along with the mask (25,000 IDR for the set), so that we could swim against the current if necessary; this proved to be very helpful in conserving energy when we needed to swim back against the current to see something we'd missed or view something more closely. 

As we floated along we saw numerous species of fish of all sizes and colors. (Unfortunately, we are not familiar with fish varieties and only recognized swordfish, but suffice it to say we saw a lot.) Perhaps the most striking were medium-sized, multi-fluorescent colored fish, of which Leah saw two. 

We saw numerous schools of fish of various sizes. At one point just after Leah entered the water, a massive school of small fish swam directly at her and for about ten seconds, she was completely encircled in fish. It was like something out of a nature documentary and a really amazing experience.

We also saw seven sea turtles. Gili has a small sea turtle conservation center, which probably explains why there are so many living close to the shore. As we we're observing one particularly large turtle, he decided to surface for a bit of sun. He swam up right next to us and stuck his head out of the water (we did the same). For about a minute, Colin, Leah, and turtle floated together. It was definitely one of the more exciting sea experiences we've had. Colin reached out and touched the turtle's shell, which sent him shooting back down to the sea bottom, but was definitely worth it for Colin to feel this massive, majestical creature. 

After his encounter with the sea turtle, Colin must have been feeling brave, because later on he decided to dive down toward a particularly large fish (perhaps 2 or more feet in length) to get a closer look. This fish was not interested in bonding with Colin, however, and as he approached, she did a full 180 in his direction and shot up toward Colin, teeth glaring. Needless to say, Colin and Leah, who was also nearby, swam away as fast as possible. Later in the day, when we reentered the water for a third time, following the same route along the eastern shore, we saw this same fish again. This time there were other snorkelers nearby and we watched as a young boy dove toward the fish (there wasn't enough time to warn him) and again, the fish responded with intimidation. This is when we saw that there was an identical fish significantly smaller in size, her baby, following her every move closely and carefully. It was remarkable to see how protective she was being of her little one.

Overall, snorkeling at Gili T is safe and well worth the time and money. In addition to fish and turtles, we saw numerous corals, which were just as beautiful.

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"As we floated along we saw numerous species of fish of all sizes and colors. (Unfortunately, we are not familiar with fish varieties and only recognized swordfish, but suffice it to say we saw a lot.) Perhaps the most striking were medium-sized, multi-fluorescent colored fish, of which Leah saw two. "

I must say Im dissapointed, though not surprised that Colin & Leah would turn a little exploration into a class issue.

Maybe her "Leftist" politics & the fact that that little potato eater hails form the Peoples Republic of Scotland can't see the forest for the trees w/o talking about the "haves & have nots"

Obama would be proud!

I know you spent 4+ years in that welfare state So. Korea but here in America we have the right to oppurtunity & the chance to be successful is open to all people regardless of the color of their scales, the size of their fins ...In Amercia EVERY fish has the chance to be all it can be ...

Excpet those Morey Eels-f*ck those guys!

In conclusion I hope that in the future Commrade Leah & Preimer Colin can keep there communist screeds out of this travelouge. Or has the hand of George Soros reached so far & so deep?

Well thats fine, since the military has trained Dolphins for a generation in new the theater of war-coral reefs-I think it can be said; we've got our eyes on you.


A Concerned Patriotic American!

by jason goldstein

We are fair envious of your recent experiences in and out of the water. The thrills are there for those that seek them. Above all, thank you both for sharing, with graphic descriptions, those precious moments with us.
Keep them coming please.
Love, Gran and G.dad. XXX

by Gran & Granddad

I agree with gran and granddad! Lovely descriptions, so rich, keep them coming. And can you upload more photos? Ella will send you a picture of her igloo soon to offer cool inspiration for the hot weather you are having. (did we mention snow in new haven today?) xoxolydia

by Kyle, Lydia, Eloise, & Zanna

We've not had a chance to organize any photos yet! Perhaps when we cross into Java, we can find some time to upload photos from Bali and Gili. Internet is a bit shoddy as well! I can't wait to see Ella's igloo though. :-)

by colinandleah

Your underwater adventures sounds amazing and to see and experience so much of natures beauty so closely even by touch, please do not be overly brave Colin one of those critters may just turn round and bite. Curiosity always did get the better of you. Look forward to your next episode of adventures.
Take care
all our love
mum and dad x x

by mum and dad Scotland

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