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Vango 60+10L Rucksack
Kolon Sport 55L Rucksack
2 Day Bags
Camera Bag
2 Big Agnes Insulated Sleeping Pads
2 Silk Sleeping Bag Liners
2 North Face Travel Towels
2 Lafuma Water Bottles
2 Sporks
2 Inflatable travel pillows
Samsonite Security Pouch
Durapack Pouch
Marmot 2P Twilight Tent
Sea to Summit Clothesline
Universal Sink Plug
Steripen Adventurer Opti
Alarm Clock
LED Head Lamp
Windup Torch
Spare batteries (CR123 and AAA)
Ziplock bags
Obong Mini Guitar
Chess Set

Colin's Clothes
2 T-Shirts
Fisherman Shirt
Mountain Hardwear Canyon Shirt
Plaid Shirt
North Face Convertible Pants
Mountain Hardwear Mesa Convertible Pants
Gap Shorts
Swimming Shorts
Marmot Bonfire Hoodie
4 Boxers
6 Pairs of Socks
Merrell Ventilator Shoes
Teva Flip Flops

Leah's Clothes
Tank Top
3 Sun Dresses
Fisherman Pants
4 Pairs of Socks
Bathing Suit
Cushe Sandals
Merrell Shoes

Samsung Netbook
Cowon S9 MP3 Player
Shure SE215 Earphones
Swiss Electronics Speaker
Cables/Attachments bag
External Harddrive 500GB
Olympus DSLR Camera
Samsung Compact Camera

Eagle Creek Wallaby Toiletries Bag including: Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Peppermint Oil, African Shea Butter, Sun Cream, Deodorant, Razor, Shave Oil, Nail clippers, Tweezers, wet wipes, DEET Jungle Juice Mosquito Spray, Burt's Bees Natural Spray, baby powder, Imodium, Ibuprofen, sleeping pills, travel sicknesspills.

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Hello Bali...

Anecdotes from Bali and Gili Trawangan

sunny 32 °C
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We made it out of Korea! Our first stop was Bali, which was a little overwhelming. It's very touristy and being surrounded by so many foreigners was a bit of a shock coming from Korea. We spent the first couple days in seclusion at a beautiful villa in Seminyak (compliments of Kevin for Leah's birthday), venturing out only for food and a beautiful sunset view over the local beach. 

Our third night we spent in Kuta, which is equally as touristy, if not more so. The area consists of row after row of boutiques and shops with locals constantly hoarding you to sell useless trinkets, and a beach lined with American corporate restaurants. Kuta is a good place to go if you feel like partying (which we didn't) with loads of bars and clubs that play dance music all night long. (We even saw one woman doing shots with her seven-year-old daughter, though we did hear her say that the daughter's shots were "virgin.") 

Anxious to leave the madness of Bali behind, we negotiated a record deal of 1.1 million rupiah for two RT tickets to Gili Trawangan, a tiny island about 90 minutes by high-speed ferry NE of Bali. We are here now, and this island certainly lives up to its reputation for being beautiful and secluded (although the eastern beach is still packed with tourists). We found a cheap room (100,000 rupiah) that is guarded at the gate by a hand-sized spider for which this island is known. (Needless to say, Colin opens and closes the gate, and Leah had a night filled with terrors of spider attacks.) The island is Muslim and our room is close to the mosque, so we hear the daily prayers over the loud speakers. There is a shortage of fresh water on the island so we are forced to shower in salt water and buy bottled water instead of using our sterilization pen.

There are no motorized vehicles allowed on Gili Trawangan, which is awesome, so everyone travels by foot, bicycle, or horse-drawn carriage. We have enjoyed our own exploration on foot, encountering numerous friendly locals. Everyone speaks enough English to at least exchange pleasantries. One man invited us to camp on his property, so we're planning to do that from tomorrow night. We even encountered three children on a hammock in a remote village who said "hello" then immediately asked, "do you have money?" 

We've seen quite a few animals, mostly goats and cows, one of whom jumped about three feet when Leah approached it (she subsequently jumped three feet in the opposite direction). We saw a hen attack a goat in an effort to protect her numerous chicks, which was really funny. 

The island attracts a variety of tourists; thankfully, there aren't as many hippies as Leah feared (many local spots sell "magic mushrooms" that they promise will "take you to the moon and back"... A big attraction for hippies).  Yesterday, a woman on a horse approached a European couple on the beach and asked if they would watch her mobile. They reluctantly agreed, and the woman then proceeded to turn her horse around and ride it into the sea. Woman and horse bathed neck deep in the warm water, frightening a nearby snorkeler. This is apparently an unusual occurrence since even the locals were mesmerized... We thought it was amusing. 

Overall, we're really enjoying Gili. We've had a lot of amazing local food, and fresh fish and fruit (though our guesthouse keeper partied all night and slept through breakfast so we missed out on our free servings). We're finally starting to feel relaxed and shed ourselves of the 4+ years in Korea that have taken their toll. We're getting excited, however, to start some real travel and exploration, and will surely write with updates and anecdotes as our adventures continue. Thanks for reading.

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Alright, just a quick update...

We're heading out in about 3 days time. Fingers crossed that we get out of Korea with no real hassles, no canceled flights, and final paychecks and security deposits in hand. We've switched up our route slightly. We'll be headed to Scotland and possibly England in August for Colin's sister, Claire's wedding, so that's added an exciting twist to our adventures. We'll try to update the travel map regularly as we make our plans; at this point, we still don't have a whole lot planned (which is adding to the thrill).

Please stay in touch & follow our plans here... We'll post pictures as we take them and updates as plans are made.

Love to All! xo

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About our travel plans & why you should read our blog!

Colin & Leah will be leaving Korea officially (and finally!) after just shy of 4 years & 4 1/2 years, respectively, on 22 February 2012. We plan on traveling and working in Asia and Africa for about a year and a half, though we have only officially booked the first three months of our journey. If all goes according to plan, we should be in Turkey by spring 2013, where we're hoping we can gather our friends and families for our wedding by summertime (mark your calendars!).

Upon leaving Korea, we are planning to travel in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar before flying to Delhi and onto Nepal. We will add updates to this blog as our plans come to fruition.

As I'm sure you can imagine, individual emails and regular phone calls are difficult to promise; hence why we've put together this blog. This is our way of staying in touch with you, so please check it on occasion to follow our adventures, read anecdotes of our travels, and see the photos.

Thank you to our friends and families for your love, encouragement, and support. We look forward to visiting you all again in Scotland and America very soon.

~Colin & Leah

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